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Luisa Ofline
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The Essentials
Last Seen: Jun. 17, 2022
Joined: Nov 29, 2020
Age: 27
Gender: T(M2F)
Location: England, GB
Relationship Status: Single
Interested In: Male ,T(M2F)
About Me
Transwoman just trying to make her way in the world.
My name is Luisa Jane Baross. Please just call me Luisa or Lulu.
Former long time member at
I am 5'7" tall, size 8-10 (UK sizes).
My father is half Portuguese, half English and my mother is English.
My only sibling is my twin sister whom I love very dearly and who has been my greatest support. She also takes many of my photographs being a keen photographer like me. Her name is Lincoln Baross and I have included some images of us together.
My greatest passion is fashion and I spend way, way too much on makeup, clothes, bags and especially shoes, I love how happy they make me.
Sexually, I am not promiscuous but certainly not celibate and like to experiment.

My Transition: For anyone that is interested, yes I always knew that I was a girl, yes my sister and me used to dress up in our mum's clothes and yes I played with my sisters toys.
I started therapy and became a woman full time at seventeen and started HRT one year later at eighteen. Hence my voice is quite deep but I have had voice coaching.
No surgery other than breast enhancement implants and minor facial and dental work.
Education & Work
Education: Educated to A level in English, Mathematics and Chemistry.
Employer: I work for the UK civil service in London and in Europe especially in Brussels, Belgium.
I am totally stealth at work and only my managers know I am transgender, even though they are equal rights employers. It makes life easier this way.
Religion: Christian.
Favorite Quotes: You do realise I was born a boy, right ?
Arts & Entertainment
Movies: & Video's
Music: Lana Del Rey, Dua Lipa, vintage rock.
Activites & Interests
Interests: I really love photography. I have some of my work exhibited at a local art shop. Also I have been commissioned for a few weddings.
I have named tagged all of the photo's in my gallery so please do not steal them.
Also I love to hear about your fantasies, mail me with them if you like.
Activities: Dining out and socialising at as many varied places as possible.
I am very much into training and the going to the gym.

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