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Me, that new guy! / Member Introductions / Adult Trans Form

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#1 2023-08-06 23:40:33

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Me, that new guy!

Hi ppl, call me Teri! I'll feel a bit feminine and pretty ! I used to have more great dresses in my closet then blue jeans! I had pink heels and black nylons ! It felt great! Red toenails,  no prob! Now days I'm more into female unders and even masculine body jewlery that I love to show off! I live in the pacific northwest in a tiny town in E. Wa. I'm a bit older yet wiser and very spiritual! I don't have many friends so love chatting and making new ones ! I'm very creative,  and bold ! I think of myself as an empath ! Mutant and proud! I love chatting with like minded people! If anything I'm an alpha male that's in touch with my feminine side ! I love wearing nipple jewelry and created some great chain loungewear for men ! So I'm retired living in low income apartments! I get enough money to go to the casino once in a while, but basically love to stay home and surf the web ! If you feel like chatting w/ someone like myself welcome ! Be bold, honest and open !


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