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New Member SkyofPadilha / Member Introductions / Adult Trans Form

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#1 2023-05-04 20:01:31

Registered: 1969-12-31
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New Member SkyofPadilha

Hi! I am Sky! I am a MTF Non-Op Tgirl in Pennsylvania, US.
I like ( 100% Top / Dom ) Men !
OUT to the world since 2004.
Part-time in skirt, in GLBTQ expression due to business / work and survival !
I keep my personal life and my business / work life separate !
100% GLBTQ oriented for life !
100% Pagan, Wiccan and Quimbanda oriented Trans-Priestess - Yaya / Hps - Yalorixa - Olorisha !
Cultured, Liberal and Individuated !
No STDs, no STIs !
I like to play guitar, sing and also Karaoke sessions !
Dressed fully as a Trans-Woman attendance, only to GLBTQ oriented Places, Clubs, Pubs and Events !
Must mutually KNOW WELL FIRST, before Anything Meaningful at all to be really "considered" !
Recently, formerly here as SkyofPadilla too!
I had left and had fully discontinued SkyofPadilla, in order to shed off the few "unnecessary/unwanted" other networks free-profiles appended at that joining!
Thank you!


#2 2023-05-11 16:08:29

Registered: 1969-12-31
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Re: New Member SkyofPadilha

Welcome to the site and chats Sky, hope you enjoy it and meet lots of friends here.  Great people for the most part, and lots of fun.


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